Trade Industry Marketing: Social Media or Local SEO?

Trade Industry Marketing: Social Media or Local SEO?

This argument has been going on for years but there is a clear winner!

For years this war between social media marketers and SEO experts on what is the best method for marketing businesses online. This is no different for trade industries and deciding on the best online marketing method to promote your business online, social media or the search engines?

Online marketing generates on average 70% of your new customers, so getting it right is crucial to the success of your business.

Why do you need to marketing online?

The times have changed! We no longer turn to the trusted Big Yellow Book for names and numbers. Today, customers and consumers, go to the mobile phones (+ tablets) and computers (+ laptops) to find information on products and services.

The need to be able to be found online is imperative and if your website is not able to be found then you will literally lose business on a daily basis.

Online Research tells us that daily searches online have increased over the past 5 years and will keep rising in the years to come!

Why will a customer search for a trade company?

There are two main reasons why a customer will search for a trade company, new work to be done on their property or they need something fixed in their property.

Whatever the reason, that customer will begin to search for the right contractor depending on their requirements. You as a business, need to be ready online so that your website can be found.

How a customer searches for a trade company

The biggest part of marketing your business is getting your business information in front of potential customers. Wherever they search, your business needs to be seen.

Understanding the “Why” and the “How” will allow you to make educated decisions where to focus your efforts.

There are 2 ways a customer can find your company details online: Social Media, Search Engines.

Social Media

Generally, the people who have liked and followed your business on any of the social networks have done so because they have used you in the past. These people are not potential customers but in fact past customers.

These customers already have your contact details and know who you are and will most likely use you if they require services that you provide.

The battle with social media websites is the effort it takes to get likes and followers of people who have not used your business and who will be looking for your services in the future.

The problem is after years of liking and following friends and businesses, the average person’s newsfeed is populated with shared links, stories and posts that are of no interest to them and not the information that they want to be reading. This leads people to start unfollowing pages.

This becomes a problem for businesses who are using social media networks to gain followers in order to stay connected for the possibility of future work.

Search Engines (Local SEO)

The main search engines that are being used are Google, Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck. They all serve the same purpose, enter what you are looking for and you are presented with results exact matching your criteria.

Customers use search engines when looking for a service. This is done by using keywords that relate to the job that they require and most of the time it will be a local search because they would like contractors that are based locally.

{keyword or phrase} + {location}

By utilising keyword phrases, the customer can find the exact type of business they are looking for based on their services and are able to contact them within a few clicks of their mouse.

The power of local SEO in search engines allows customers to only view businesses that fit the exact requirements that they are looking for. This gives customers a feeling of satisfaction in using search engines to find local trade businesses.

Benefits of social media

There are a lot of advantages for trade contractors to promote their business on social media.

The customers who have used your services will like and follow you and this is where you can share knowledge and information to better enhance the service that you offer. When any upgrade or service is required you will be the first company that they call.

You can share recent images and stories of current work that you are doing which will encourage add-ons and upgrades.

“Word of mouth”, your customers will/can share your work which will encourage their friends to use your company to do work for them.

Benefits of local SEO

By optimising your website for the search engines, you are allowing your business to be found for a variety of keywords that customers search for on a daily basis.

When your website appears for a keyword that a customer has searched for, you are exactly what they are looking for. This increases your chance of getting a call.

Local SEO will generate you more new customers (who don’t know who you are & have never used your company) based on services that you offer.

Optimising your website for specific keywords, you can target a specific type of customer that you would like to work with, customers with a bigger budget and customers from a certain area.

Local SEO gives you the opportunities of being found for 100’s of keyword combinations, increasing the number of new business calls.

Online Marketing Advice for the local trade industry

To get the most out of your online marketing, you need to have a plan. How to get new customers and how to keep them as a life long customers.

Local SEO (search engines) provides you with a platform to generate new customers from keyword searches based on the customer’s requirements.

Once you have done the work and the customer is happy your social media accounts will keep your customer engaged with your business.

Local SEO > Find new customers

Social Media > Lifelong customers

2017 is going to be a year for local SEO and increasing the exposure of your website online.


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