Online Marketing Opportunities for Kitchen Fitters in Liverpool

Online Marketing Opportunities for Kitchen Fitters in Liverpool

Understanding your online market will enable you to get the most out of your online marketing!

The city of Liverpool was selected to showcase the online marketing activities surrounding the kitchen installation niche at a marketing conference in London.

The information you will find below was collected and put together from the top search terms relating to the kitchen fitting industry.

This information was used to show the possibilities of what online marketing can do for your business.

The information was collected during the month of November 2016.

Kitchen Fitter Facts

  • 2481 searches (Top 25 search terms) relating to kitchen installation
  • 1754 total likes of Facebook pages
  • 26 Facebook shares
  • 845 total Twitter followers
  • 17 new pages of content from top 30 websites

Breakdown of Facts

#1 – 2481 divided by 30 days = 82.7 searches for kitchen fitters daily.

#2 – Facebook: There are followers but very little content being created and shared to these followers.

#3 – Facebook Engagement: NO social engagement (very worrying).

#4 – Twitter is not being used to promote services to customers on the social network.

#5 – Lack of Content: There is very little “NEW” kitchen installation content being provided to customers online.

Marketing Conference Advice

We discussed the points mentioned above in details and we finished on Q&A with the kitchen installers at the conference.

A question was asked: What would you advise a kitchen fitter in Liverpool to do to get maximum exposure?

#1 – Website Optimisation

There are many kitchen installation related searches on a daily basis and optimising your website for those search terms would increase traffic to your website.

By doing this you will automatically generate more new business calls. Improving the user experience would increase the calls even greater.

#2 – Authority Website

There is a need to be an authority website on kitchen installation, a go-to website for customers to get all the information before making a decision.

This website would go into detail about suppliers, finishing materials, worktops and appliances.

Offering customers free information about your industry would increase the chances of them using your company.

#3 – Social Media

The followers are out there and they are craving information about new kitchens and installation. By being the company that is sharing useful information, videos and content that will benefit potential customers in Liverpool and surrounding areas.


There is an opportunity for a kitchen installation company in Liverpool to dominate the online market.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our “Online Marketing Opportunities for Kitchen Fitters in Liverpool“.

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